Cookie Décor

Cut out cookies aren’t much without a beautiful icing to cover them, and it has taken me years to find the perfect recipe for cookie icing. 

I’ve tried royal icing, and it always turned out runny. I tried using chocolate and white chocolate with food coloring to decorate, and if you can get it to work then it’s delicious! However, this icing recipe tastes amazing and looks the best on cookies. Once dried this icing is shiny and hard, for a perfect no-smudge look.


2 teaspoons milk (I use fat-free milk)

2 teaspoons corn syrup (I use Karo Syrup)

1 cup powdered sugar

Your choice of food coloring (I use Wilton’s gel colors)




Just mix! Once mixed completely the consistency will be a thick paste.


This recipe is so easy you just mix and its done. I use a small plastic bag to pipe the icing onto the cookies and its done!

I hope you guys try this and leave a comment on how your cookies come out!



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