One Ring to Rule Them All

Not everyone has a massive collection of cookie cutters, but it doesn’t take much to make delicious and unique cookies.

By just having one circle cookie cutter, you can make hundreds of different kinds of cookies. Not only can you just decorate a circle cut out cookie with royal icing or decorating icing, you can make them into sandwich cookies, black and white cookies, or Linzer tarts.

One of my favorite kinds of cookies is a sandwich cookie. For the ones pictured I used a chocolate icing and then piped them with a space in the middle for jam. It’s the perfect mix between a Linzer tart and a sandwich cookie.


To make these cookies I used my favorite cut out cookie recipe. For the icing I used two cups of powdered sugar, one tablespoon vanilla, a third cup unsweetened cocoa powder, and two tablespoons of milk. Just mix it all together and pipe it on a cookie, then place your favorite type of jam in the middle of the piping.


Another great variation of a circle cut out is a black and white cookie. It’s not a traditional cake like cookie, like most black and whites are, but they still look great and taste even better.

Again I used my favorite cut out recipe, for the black part of the cookie I use melted semisweet chocolate chips, and for the white half I melted white chocolate chips. Once hardened the cookies are smudge proof and delicious!


Try these variations and comment below about how they come out!





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